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Designed and facilitated to achieve outcomes


We work with you to establish your targeted commercial goals and preferred outcomes for the Learning Journey. Frequent reviews, modelling, trialing, testing and prototyping confirm the direction of travel. Curiousity is the driver.


We co-design a route map – a project programme - to achieve the goals

Points of Interest:

We create opportunities and processes for exploring areas of interest en route and adopt LEAN and AGILE approaches. We work with imagination; exploring the impossible. Nothing is off the table. Our process is rigorous. We prototype and test: weigh costs and benefits: inbuild viability and feasibility and kickstart action with pilot projects.

‘Chris facilitates a process that has enabled us to develop an experiential learning programme tailored to the needs of our stakeholders. Drawing on a depth of knowledge and experience, Chris listens carefully to what we know of our specific context and helps us to shape the design accordingly – taking us from a blank sheet of paper through to the end goal’.
Elen Bonner, Bangor University, Pontio Community Engagement Projects Manager
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Facilitated Innovation Journeys by Design

Superdiversity Innovation Journey - Max Planck Institute

Innovation Journeys help you see the potential: then realise it

Under the auspices of the European Research Council, the 'GlobaldiverCities' project was established to create new knowledge surrounding changing patterns of migration in cities around the world. It's goal was to generate comparative analyses in multiple formats (a book, films, academic articles, data visualisation, photo exhibitions and an interactive online platform). Learning Journeys provided a range of services for coordinating and managing remotely-based members of an international team, enabling the effective realisation of project aspirations.

Prof. Steven Vertovec, Director, Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen, Germany
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Learning Journey - Transforming Business Values

Multinational Petrochemical Company Learning Journey

Client Destination:

Major Global Petrochemical Company – ‘Choices’ - Culture Transformation – Changing how we do business.


7 day experiential programme to explore, prototype, test and live the values. Learning Journey undertaken by over 70 senior global managers, to prepare them to lead and manage a Global Culture Change Programme

Points of Interest:

The Innovation Journey: Development of ground-breaking company-wide Core Values.

'As a former Director and now Senior Consultant for Primeast, Chris Walker has played a key role in developing Primeast's global strategy and innovative business model. He has also helped to devise and develop successful and acclaimed Learning Journeys for a number of our multinational business clients - Texas-based Fortune 5 energy company - Business Service Migration and ‘Choices Programme’, Boots - organisational transformation and BP - Business Process re-engineering. He is a natural collaborator, adept at working with clients to develop creative concepts, scenario plans and to design and facilitate structured Learning Journeys,that achieve targeted goals.'
Russell Evans, CEO Primeast Ltd
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Innovation Journey - Transforming Academic Learning

Pontio Innovation,
Bangor University –
Enterprise by Design

Client Destination:

Collaborating with Dr. Andy Goodman, Director of Arloesi Pontio Innovation and leading Bangor University Academics - Behaviour Change, Engineering, Product Design, Business, and Media to design and facilitate a 12 week experiential learning programme for 60 undergraduate students in multidisciplinary teams of 5 plus a post-graduate facilitator. For teams to work with a real customer to develop a new product, service or business model.


Participants undertake a learning journey to include: product/ service design, consumer psychology, engineering and manufacture, prototyping, marketing, promotion, business planning, presentation and pitching, leadership and project management.

Points of Interest:

The Innovation Journey – steps to identify customer problems and opportunities and developing commercial solutions that add value to their customer.

'Chris Walker's' experience in facilitation training, workshop design and delivery has contributed greatly to the success of Enterprise by Design.’
Dr. Andy Goodman, Director, Pontio Innovation, Bangor University, UK
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Some of the organisations we have collaborated with:

Arloesi Pontio Innovation, ExxonMobil, Omantel, Oracle, Reebok, Shell, Max Planck Institute, Max Planck Innovation, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, International Stock Exchange, BP, Accenture, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Citibank, Schlumberger, Bain & Co, Royal Garden Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Opel, Isuzu, SC Johnson, J Walter Thompson, Boots Contract Manufacturing

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